Porter Kohanyi, Resident Therapy Dog

Porter is a 3-year-old Bernedoodle, which means he is half Bernese Mountain Dog and half standard Poodle. He has lived with the same family all his life, whom he loves fiercely. Porter has been working with a professional trainer since February of 2023 and is preparing for the test to become a certified therapy dog. He has excelled in his training program and demonstrated consistent performance and enough command mastery to begin confidently working with clients. At 100 lbs, he is a large breed with an equally big heart!

Porter loves to be loved and will relish being the center of attention. In fact, during his training, he has been rewarded solely with physical affection (no treats!), which is all he needs to be motivated. Porter enjoys meeting people of all ages and is highly sensitive to emotion, making him a wonderful therapy partner. Ashley Kohanyi is Porter’s handler, but even if you do not work with Ashley, you may receive a jubilant Porter greeting in the waiting room. He enjoys brightening anyone’s day who visits the office!